Aunt Martha (Tim Noyes)

Bonjour Ladies and Gents,

To my miraculous surprise I was able to photograph Tim from the Aunt Martha Band yesterday, February 7th 2012. This young, soft spoken lad blew my mind with his talent. The Singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Boston has followed his thriving passion for music all through out the United States. Right off the get go in 2008 this band of men were up and strumming! I was able to pass through Tim’s tour when he played at Soho Monday night in Santa Barbara. His folk rock and roll voice was unbelievable! He is similar to that of Brett Dennen and Mason Jennings.

There I was sitting in an empty restaurant/music bar when I discovered his song. He stood there in his dark blue beanie and white running shoes while he harmonized each poetic word that floated out of his mouth. I had sent an email out that day to his manager hoping I could score a photo shoot with the little time he was here. Well folks, there I was the next day on the top of the courthouse during a stormy day clicking away with Tim.

Catch him while he is still rolling on through the states!

Sophie xo


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