Teitur & The Tree

Hello World!

I formally introduce you to a warm hearted fellow named Teitur. This talented soul has made his was through music all the way from his hometown the Faroe Islands, a small island right off the coast of Scotland. His future was sparked in 2002 when his first album was produced! In the meantime, Seal heard Teitur’s song “You Get Me” and recorded it for his new album, which has recently been released, going top 20 around the world. He has the voice of an angel and a spirit like the wind!

When I found out Teitur was coming into town I had a vision and an urge to go on a photographic adventure with him. I took a big step out of my comfort zone and emailed his manager the day of his show at Soho, eeeeeek! To my surprise he emailed back in a jiffy, he was delighted and told me Teitur would personally call me! A few minutes later I answered to a thick accented voice, and scheduled our photoshoot! With no clue as to what I was going to do on this journey or where it was located, I had a camera in hand and my rain boots, after all it was a stormy day! I picked Teitur up at the hotel he was staying at and took him down to the train station for some unreal shots intertwined in the biggest tree in Santa Barbara. He was dressed to impress, and sure nailed it in these photos! Not to mention his sense of humor and witty attitude that makes him all the more special! Also check out his site www.Teitur.com 

Keep on Jamming Teitur!

Sophie xo


4 thoughts on “Teitur & The Tree”

  1. Sophie, your blog is ridiculous. This is so great, it takes real bravery to just email these people and then go ahead and produce these INCREDIBLE pictures! Even better, you do an excellent job of telling the story of the photos – about stepping out of your comfort zone, meeting these people, and even telling us about them by giving personal background info and info about their music. I love it! Keep up the great work, hope you will be able to always find someone to take photos of!

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