A Man His Beard and a Coffee Shop

Top of the Morning!

There once lived a man in the heart of denmark. He owned a little coffee shop in the midst of a town called Roma and enjoyed the laughter and tenderness that the locals brought to his world. The seasons changed much faster there and to keep warm he would flourish a luxuriant beard made of twigs and dandelions. The name of this benevolent man was Leo. Leo lived in the upstairs of his lively coffee shop called Muddy Waters and brewed tea and exotic coffee through his clairvoyant beard. The earthy twigs and frangible dandelions that were intertwined together made the most obscure but divine tea. People from all over town would crave Leo’s extravagant creations. He was a man well know all over town, for helping the sick with his remedies to acquiring everyones needs early in the morning.

Sophie xox

Ps. The man above is one of the owners at a local coffee shop called Muddy Waters in Santa Barbara and the photos below are what lies behind the walls of this  shop. myspace.com/muddycafesb


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