Lady in the Weeds

Yet Another Wonderful Shoot!

She is a gazelle, the way she moves, dances, and sits. Chandler is a true beauty, and a delight to be around! My wacky mind of mine took me on a journey that was far more disorganized than I could have imagined. I did a shoot that would have realistically taken a whole day in two hours! I packed up Gold-member (my 1993 Volvo)  and set off towards the bluffs of Goleta. All I really needed was a portrait of Chandler, but I couldn’t resist! The afternoon started off with my old standing mirror in the middle of lengthy green weeds, with Chandler in my vintage gingham dress and a sun hat standing in front. The shot came out amazing and she rocked it! The next scene I aimed for was a set up workshop, Chandler, my old record player, and some boots for props. A bit funky but worked! Later I dressed her in my lace leotard and told her to pretend like a ballerina waltzing in the weeds and she nailed it! For the next shot I got kind of creative and wrapped twine around her forehead and put her in my backless blouse. The last shot was Chandler dressed in comfortable clothing with my old Australian cowboy hat and Spencer’s banjo…Magnificent!

Love you Chandler! Sophie xox        A LOT MORE BELOW!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Lady in the Weeds”

  1. Nice set! I am dying to know how you achieve the filter effect in o3h55861. Is this a secret you are willing to share? Is it all in post? what are your adjustment layer settings? So many questions….!

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