Phoebe’s Closet

Dear Followers,

Above is a young 15 year old girl named Phoebe. Phoebe has never stood in front of a camera in such a way that she did yesterday with me. I absolutely love her unique look and style that she portrays in front of the camera. I dont know Phoebe well, but I went for it anyways. So I took a go at it and asked if she would be willing to model for my weird style of shooting. She was so willing and the perfect match for this shoot! I have always loved the weird styles that Vogue and Bazar include so I wanted to challenge myself  with a very different shoot.

My idea for the shoot came to me an hour before I started shooting. I set up an old backdrop that my dad had, and collected many props. The clothes I styled her in were all a combination of my moms closet as well as mine. I used my old vintage green dresser for one scene and a detailed old frame from Spencer for the other. From the woods with Chandler, to the clean precise framing with Phoebe it was extravagant! Phoebe was a true gem!

More to come! check it out!

Sophie xox

185 thoughts on “Phoebe’s Closet”

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  2. absolutely beautiful! You did a great job and she is a natural in front of the camera. Wish I had a closet like yours.

  3. That is really awesome. I love the way you styled her. For some reason she reminds me of Billie Piper who played Rose Tyler in Doctor Who.

    Congratulations on being freshly pressed.

    – Kali

    1. omg i LOVE your blog! its amazing! I wish i had that many comments and people on my blog. Still keep up the AWESOME work!

  4. Gorgeous in an non traditional, un-stereotyped way. Which makes it even more truly gorgeous. Nice work!

  5. I’m 13 and let me just say first off that your photography is stunning! Phoebe indeed is gorgeous as well as the clothing she was in! Well done and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  6. These are so sweet and fresh. You just might have a vintage supermodel on your hands to manage soon. And I would kill for Phoebe’s brows!

  7. I love these. Your model is so beautiful! My favourites of these shots are actually the 2 of her lying on the dresser. So great!

  8. She has an “X-Factor” that every fashion photographer is looking for. Maybe she was a little too shy before so she never gave out her talent in this field. But anyway, she’s really perfect on her outfit. Love her eyes in the first place!

      1. Is she currently working as professional model? I live in Ny and work in this industry. Just curious as she may have the chops to work professionally.

  9. Such beautiful work! I love your photos! You bring such life to the antiquity in your photographs, and you chose a really great model for those images. The innocent youth mixed with the wise antique. Wonderful concept.

  10. These are lovely! I love the one with her sat in the basket, very creative. She’s incredibly pretty too!

  11. The black and white photos made me catch my breath. What a beautiful session, and Phoebe is utterly gorgeous. And while the whole package is admirable, it is her eyes that still my heart. Peace.

  12. Crikey! I love your photographic style. The ones on the chest of drawers and the black and white one in the natural setting are fabulous; very A M.N.D. sort of thing.

    Georgie x

  13. Fabulous shots! My favourites are with the green dresser but they all have something special. You both worked brilliantly together to produce these, very impressive!

  14. Great shots I love especially 1, 3 and the one with the two sculpted heads…they look both original and professional…funny but I think all the ones with the antique quirky props work the best also those in colour… 🙂

    1. Thank you! I switch around a lot, I dont own a digital camera of my own, but I borrow my dads which is a Canon Mark 5d and a lumix. For lenses I love the Portrait and Landscape lens.

  15. Wonderful shoot! I have always loved very different and unique shooting styles. Also, she has fabulous brows. 🙂
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  16. These are gorgeous photos! And so fun! We just started a new photo group/blog to help people who have dealt with mental illness. Please visit when you can and see if you might be a match and want to contribute. We would welcome your work.
    All the best.

  17. Beautiful subject; beautiful pictures. You have quite the creative eye.

    Thank you for sharing and inspiring 🙂

  18. Very amazing! Isn’t she beautiful?! And the way you styled her was great too! That dresser was the PERFECT prop for a quirky, unique but classy shoot! 😀 Loved the pictures.

  19. WOW! You truly have a gifted eye. Not only is Phoebe’s stunningly beautiful in your shots, but you chose the clothing and props -very- well!!!! My favorite pic is the black-and-white face shot, where she is lying on the dresser upside down – her eyes are so piercing it draws my eye to hers with an almost violent snap and hold it there, leaving my peripheral vision to pick up the other details. I literally couldn’t look away from her eyes in that pick for almost a full minute! And the first shot of her in orange against the full dresser behind her is also very cool. Kudos to the tenth!

  20. Great work Sophie! AJ sent me the link to your blog. Congrats on getting “Best of” on Freshly Pressed. You have a great eye:)

    angela zungri
    A MAD parent

  21. surprisingly, not that I have a lot remaining, but I had been pulling my hair out on the lookout for something on the subject of this topic today then simply right when I found myself gonna surrender your website turns up out of the blue

  22. My, you did gather a lot of props. I like your creativity. The frame portraits are my favorite. 🙂 The bureau was an interesting idea too–colors and details were unique.

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