The Tall Tale of Yankee Farm

Once upon a time on a Farm not so far away,

There lived a young farm girl, her life surrounded by pregnant goats and colorful chickens. A few foxes and bunnies here and there, but oh what a wonderful place it was. Morgan, a 15 year old girl, is such an inspiring girl. At a very young age she raised a family of goats all on her own, and later years helped birth many more! She has lived on her farm, Yankee Farm, all her life and has lived her life to the fullest ever since. Morgan is a women warrior of wisdom and beauty, she is going far in her life and cant wait for what her journey leads her too!

Sophie xoxo



6 thoughts on “The Tall Tale of Yankee Farm”

  1. You have a real gift for taking great photos! I especially like the flower garlands that you make. They’re so beautiful!

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