The Best Way to Spend Your Saturday Night

The perfect Visage, a fireplace and a beautiful table!

The best way to spend a Saturday night would be the ideal meal by a cozy fire with your loved ones. Last night, Channing and Morgan came over for dinner and company. Channing, Morgan, Spencer and I all came up with a meal we would love. The meal consisted of sweet onion and seasoned flat bread, with options of pesto, white bean and garlic dip, or olives. We also made a caprese salad with an overload of balsamic, sweet potato with butter and parmesan cheese, and kale chips with lemon and cheese. I also made some fresh mint lemonade with lemons that Spencer and I snuck from a nearby orchard, and to top it off we had apple strudel for desert! Our night couldnt have gone any better, except for one little part. I was so excited to decorate the table and set it up outside on our porch, so I set everything up and made it perfect!

The perfect scenario for a romantic dinner, an old adobe fire place that we have had for many years, a lace tablecloth, twine wrapped jars, lavender napkins, antique china plates, and sheepskin cushions. Spencer and I were so happy we got the fire place going, and I mean going! Ten minutes later, flames were shooting out of the top of the fire place and the walls were cracking! It had turned into a living disaster…We had to hose down the hut, which got the whole porch wet, so we ended up in the living room. It was definetly a night to remember, but the perfect way to spend my Saturday night, with a good friend Morgan, her boyfriend Channing and my boyfriend Spencer!

Anybody have any other perfect ways to spend a windy Saturday night?

Sophie xoxo

More Photos below!!

Spencer and I

Channing and Morgan

Our wonderful set up before the disaster

The perfect fire place

 Me and the fire!


Warming our feet

 The disaster! Homemade  lemonade

yummy yams

Ladies with aprons

 Channing’s masterpiece

morgan and the kale chips

 White bean spread!

Artichoke and homemade dip

 Our delicious meal!

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