A Wrinkle in Time…

One Polaroid at a time…

Why shoot film when you can shoot digital?

I am always pestered with this question. Its very uncommon today to discover someone who uses the art of film and light meters. Why might this be? Photographers want the best and only the best, so they stick with the high end gadgets. The feeling after you pick up your developed roll of film is accomplished and excitement. You are accomplished that every exposure is right on, your shots are in focus, and the light leaks are surprising! Also excited because you have just experienced the real art of photography!

In my eyes, the best way to expand your skills in photography is to MOVE and shoot every awkward angle possible! Base your modern day skills off of olden day skills.

Hope this inspire those who are interested in my work! More to come!

Sophie xoxo

Morgan and the pregnant goat

The goats

Olivia Lucie and I

Tabla and I


Parker in the midst of falling


14 thoughts on “A Wrinkle in Time…”

      1. My tips would be to have fun with it, dont be shy or timid with a camera, find that natural light! I love shooting into the sun for some awesome flare, and go wild with colors!
        Hope this helps 🙂

  1. I am so… jealous is maybe the word? But not quite. Very impressed for sure and awfully inspired. I’m pretty much the novice of novices when it comes to photography (I’m only fourteen) but these make me think that taking the time to take pictures and work on taking them is worth it you know?

  2. dear ,

    Its really my pleasure to see whatever i have wish and i was searching for a long time, I found it here, But i wish something better than this.After all i gave you 1000 claps .

    Good Job

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