The Essence of a Goddess

Bonjour Followers!

The eyes above are the eyes of a young beautiful girl that I call my sister, Ruby.

Our goal in life is not only to love the world around us, but also to accept who you are and enjoy every minute of it. The key essences of being a goddess are to be comfortable in your own skin and being a leader that many look up too. Wisdom and beauty shine through your characteristics by helping others and yourself.

Speaking on behalf of a young 16 year olds experiences and life journey, it tends to be a rollercoaster. The world around you is always flying by in a very fast pace with technology and the โ€œnew trendsโ€. The cool thing to do might seem like you have to go along with these popular attractions, but being grounded with your individuality and having the choice to decide what is right for yourself is what makes you a stronger goddess. Being a girl who always loved catching butterflies with my hands and washing the cats in the kitchen sink, is now thrown to the wolves in a society that always wants the best and only the best. Our world today is corrupted by false images and pure pressure in every aspect of teenage living. The best way to live your life is not by doing what others do just to get by, but to make a permanent golden pathway that guides others who come after you.

Tid bit of wisdom!


11 thoughts on “The Essence of a Goddess”

  1. Beautiful post, Sophie. And don’t EVER forget the words you’ve written today. They are SO true! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you continue to live your life believing what you believe, you’ll be even more beautiful and strong inside and out than you are today, and you’ll be a light in others lives. Cheers to a fellow goddess! P.S. Tell your sister she has captivating eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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