Charlotte Y Chante


Above is a true beautiful Visage! 15 year old Charlotte is a rare soul that lives her life to the fullest. As she frolics in vibrant silk and aztec jewelry, her ora shines amongst those around her. She travels to miraculous places, always discovering and seeking new adventures. Earlier today, I met Charlotte for a shoot and not knowing where this shoot would take place, or what to expect, I came home with amazing pictures. The shoot felt like I flew to Morocco and back in only an hour! As I usually do, I styled her in clothes that I thought would go well with a boho theme. It consisted of a long turquoise coverup and a vibrant orange dress. I mustered together some jewelry I found around the house and some fun props! As we started shooting, another gorgeous girl named Chante appeared. Right away I wanted to shoot them both, and so I did… Here is my story of Charlotte and Chante!


Sophie xoxo


3 thoughts on “Charlotte Y Chante”

  1. The blue wall and orange dress could not have worked together more perfectly. My favorite is the one where she’s in the doorway holding her hands out.

    Great shoot!

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