Summating Mt. Whitney

Good Evening those interested in my wanderings!

An adventure that I took a couple years ago in 8th grade was a hike to the top of Mt. Whitney. Myself and 8 other classmates journeyed up the peak and camped along the way for a week. Definitely an adventure worth sharing, maybe not the most pleasant trip but a trip worth wild! The trip consisted of hauling your own stuff up to base camp and then different activities each day. Our journey started on a Monday around 8 in the evening and went through that Friday. Our fist day was miserable! It was to snowed in to drive the vans to our planned starting point, so we ended up hiking in 5 ft of snow until about midnight and then camping outside on the side of the road. The next morning we boiled some tea and oatmeal and started our hike to base camp.

When we arrived, we unloaded and caught up on our lack of rest. The following days consisted of repelling off waterfalls, ice ax sledding, and actually climbing to 12,000 ft up Mt. Whitney. At age 14 never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would be doing such a thing! I can honestly say I have never been colder in my life!

Enjoy! Hope this inspires you to go out of your comfort zones and adventure the world!

Sophie xoxo MORE BELOW

Our starting point March 19, 2009


My home away from home

Midnight resting on the side of the road

 Sam getting ready for the big hike to camp

 Early morning self portrait

 My brewing tea

 My tent partner and sister of the trip Morgan!

 the stream that we filtered our own water from every night and morning

The proud boys and their snowman!

 Morgan and I

Our 4th day on the mountain ready to go home!

Home sweet home!

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