Sunrise Swim!

Hey Adventure Cats!

Sophie here, sorry I havnt been updating lately, I have been extremely busy! BUT tonight’s post is a special one! At my old school, we would do what you call a sunrise swim or a polar bear bath! This consisted of waking up at the crack of dawn every Friday to start your day off with a dip in the tingly ocean. Sipping hot chocolate while the orange sun peaks its way over the mountains is my kind of morning! This was the perfect way to start off my Friday and especially my weekend, it wakes me up and gets me going! I do love the ocean but maybe not at 6 in the morning 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Sophie xoxo More Below

4 thoughts on “Sunrise Swim!”

  1. this looks amazing 🙂 it looks like such fun and would definitely be a good way to start the friday! especially with such good friends around, i hope that you are enjoying your friday and that you have warmed up 🙂
    keep smiling

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