Tour Of California!

Good Evening Fellows around the world,

I have been having some trouble with managing my space capacity on my computer, so the Africa photos are taking a bit longer than expected but will be up shortly! As for now I have some photos of the Tour of California Bike Race that came to Solvang, California. A few years ago I ventured out with my middle school and took a long bike ride from Santa Barbara to Solvang to wittness this incredible experience. I have always dreamed to see the one and only Lance Armstrong in action, and later that day my dreams came true! It was as if I schudueled a one on one photoshoot with Lance because I got some really close shots of him warming up for the big race! Lance is not only a hero in many young lives, but also a strong human being with the endurance of a pro athlete! Take a look at some shots I came across that I took at the TOC!

Sophie xoxo

More Below!!!


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