Lady Warriors of Samburu

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Tonights post is about two women full of wisdom living in Samburu, Africa. During my journey to Africa, my all time goal was to photograph a traditional portrait of a modern masai warrior, male or female. To my witty luck my wishes were granted and actually had a full on photoshoot with two women from a local village! These two women are single due to their attire and topless features. The married women are dressed in colorful cloth and as for these women, their attire is a bit more “open”. A Samburu warrior that worked at one of our tented camps had called for these women to come visit my father and I for photos, and so they did!

After our Safari ride in the afternoon, we came back to two beautiful women that spoke and understood no english. These ladies that are shown below are warriors of pure fertality! Their gaudy jewely were made by themselves and worn to show their pride and dedicati0n to their religion. Take a look, and a whole lot more to come!

Sophie xoxo


6 thoughts on “Lady Warriors of Samburu”

  1. Hello! These photos are genuinely exquisite! How was your trip to Africa – is it as what most people say that it’s quite dangerous? Africa is a beautiful place and it’s one of the places that I would love to visit. Would you mind if you would share some experiences? Many thanks!

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