The People of Kenya

Happy Monday!

Today I have for you some very influential faces. Above is a Samburu Blacksmith that had the most extraordinary facial features! He was a leader and warrior among many and was very proud of his tribe. Throughout my journey to Kenya I had come across so many people that influenced me and brought tears to my eyes with their smiling faces. I had visited 3 tribes, 2 were Masai and the other was Samburu. They each brought different emotions and vibes to my family, and shared their daily living with us. I hope my photos below touch you in the same way!


Sophie xoxo

5 thoughts on “The People of Kenya”

  1. Stunning pictures! The first one of the man was extraordinary! Beautiful portraits and also, I was pleased to look up Nick Brandt, whom you had mentioned in your last post, and see he has an exhibit opening up near my house which I am intending to visit!

  2. merveilleuses photos qui me raméne prés de ceux qui me sont si proches !!!
    nguilou french samburu
    n hésites pas à me contacter sur ma boite perso

  3. Marvellous remembers !!!! contact me for we Can dream and exchange together on This marvellous and uniques poeples!! I Hope see You on my personal box e mail. nguilou

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