Earth Day Festivities

Hey tree huggers and mother nature lovers!

Its National Earth day! What more than a nice day without those engines roaring and lights beaming? Go out to a local park with your family and friends and get your feet dirty! Or go ride a bike and enjoy this nice weather! In my town the way we celebrate is by this big festival in a park. There’s many goodies there that inform you on how to be more green and earth friendly, and also some really great music to dance too! Let me just put it this way…for all your daisy lovers and hippy gurus you will feel right at home! Its a party in the park with all your closest friends from around town! Below are some photographs I took during my day at the Earth Day Festival of some stylish faces!

Enjoy! Go Hug some trees and eat yummy greens! Stay green!

Sophie xoxo

This would be me enjoying some refreshing lemonade in the shade

Some stylish toes

What a combo love the skirt and shoes!

 A cute look!

Glasses are to die for!

 a stylish couple!

A beautiful Earth day goer!

Foggy day after earth day with Spencer at  the beach

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