Berty & Gerty Vintage Delights!

Happy Friday to all!

During my couple of days in London, I was eager to explore the world of fashion in the city! A dear man informed us of this adorable vintage shop Berty & Gerty. It was located right in Stable market, near Cambdon Market. I am a sucker for anything that was made in the olden days! This little shop definitely cured this need!  They had everything from ankle boots too leather satchels and beyond! The shop was so different than any other vintage boutique in the US, it had spark and color! With a simple yet unique style. I was lucky enough to get a pair of frye boots for 50 pounds (80$) a paisley sun dress 20$ and a leather satchel for 25$. Take a look at some photos of this shop, and if you are by any chance in the area, take a peep in!

Sophie xoxo


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