Heather Wright Jewelry (part II)

Hey guys!

So yesterday was a big production day for me! I had two shoots, luckily not back to back. This kept me on my feet and very anxious, after all it was my first job with my new camera. I was pretty comfortable because I love working with Heather and her lovely daughter. This shoot wasnt much of a transition from our first time working together because we pretty much nailed the look we were going for, soft and elegant. The ruffles that shaped the pearls, with the peeking gold under top flowed perfectly with the location of the shoot. We shot down at Hammonds beach this time , just for a different scenery with rocks and driftwood. Heathers jewelry always brings me closer to the sea, so why not shoot where these pearls were from? Our one goal for this shoot was to nail a shot of a close up of the necklace against delicate whites. Then right as happy hour came along, I couldn’t stop shooting…The ideas came flowing into my mind as I perched her against this long driftwood, and then later tangled the necklace around her toes. After our first shoot together it was a major success, not only was this a big kick start to Heathers work, but also advertised my work immensely. After our fist blog post, Santa Barbara Magazine was asking for the shots to be in the next issue! This was a huge step for us and we are hoping to see the shots in the next issue 🙂

Stay tuned xoxox


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