The Perfect Afternoon

Fridays are always my days to be creative….cook….and sunbathe.

Today my friend Ivy and I had one of what I would call the best days in a while. We were eager to fulfill our taste buds needs. Like always, I have to inquire sugar and sweets into my daily meals šŸ™‚ so we gathered up some homemade recipes and got to work. Today we made 4 different easy healthy snack. Non-fat Vanilla yogurt covered strawberries, baked honey-cinnamon apples, edamame rice stir-fry, and a garbanzo bean salad. They were simple and really easy to make! Everything was bought from Trader-Joe’s (unfortunately the strawberries in the garden are no good). After Ivy and I finished our dishes we headed out for a picnic on the beach. One the best relaxing days.

Sophie xoxo

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