Into The West (Richard Avedon Inspired)

Hey Followers!

So I have been meaning to do this shoot for a while now, and that is a mimic of Richard Avedon’s Into the west portfolio! It just so happened that my photography class had an assignment over the weekend to rein-act an inspiring photographer. I actually have a 4 by 5 film camera (Very Old) but we couldnt find film. Richard shot with only black slide film, and got some insane shots. He traveled across the west with a white seamless backdrop and his camera, to capture the raw beauty of humanity. Hopefully someday I will pick up and go with my camera like he did. Well anyways, it was a very last minute shoot, but turned out exactly how I imagined. My crew was excellent! Big thanks to my models: Luisa, Morgan, Austin, Bubba, Spencer, Henry, Michael, Eden, and Ruby! You were all lovely. My goal for the shoot was to really capture the essence of life and spontaneity. For instance someones personality, their freckles, sweat, wrinkles, smoke, pimples, and all that. Well anyways, I put my camera and my imagination to work and got some incredible shots! Richard Avedon is one of my biggest inspirations, so these photos are in honor of his work!


Sophie xo

6 thoughts on “Into The West (Richard Avedon Inspired)”

  1. Great photos! Richard Avedon is alson one of my inspiring photographers I look up to. I’ve been meaning to create some of my own. I love the simplicity of the plain white background. Love it!

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