The Art of Simply Living

Morning love birds and morning glories,

I have conquered yet another roll of expired 35mm film and here are the results. My favorite kind of living is to live by and with mother nature. It is a healer, and a world of new discoveries. This year my resolution is to explore and seek what the grassy mountains and pokey pine needles have to share with me. A couple weekends ago Spencer and I went up to a local campground, El Capitan, and lived simply. We packed up the Volvo and headed for the sea. Our dinner consisted of glorious leafy greens and edible flowers with some salty pesto pasta. While Spencer made the fire I assembled each of us, caramel chocolate banana boats. They were so delicious! It was the best feeling to be with your loved one out in nature, comforted by his bear hugs. My daily does of advice for today is to go out and explore! Go climb a tree or take a gander in the woods 🙂

Another sequence of photos that I took with the same roll was at a beautiful farm house in Carpenteria, the Goob. Spencer’s brother Trevor and his girlfriend Maddie live there along with some other rad house mates. Maddie is a dear friend of mine, and a groovy gal. She invited Spencer and I to camp out at the house and consume a spiced filled supper. Maddie made our taste buds burst with all the spices and yummy textures that our dinner consisted of. Later that night we roasted cored apples, that we hand picked, stuffed with coconut/cinnamon goodness. It was the perfect evening! I awoke to Spencer racing out for a surf meet, but peacefully got up to the kitty cats stretching and the chickens pecking at compost. Check out Maddies delicious new food blog, Fennel&Thyme !

Sophie xo

7 thoughts on “The Art of Simply Living”

  1. These images are beautiful. My friend just gave me some old film and I have been hesitant to use them not sure if they’re still good, but this post has motivated to go ahead and give them a try.

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