Greetings to Autumn with a Sunrise Swim


The sunday glooms…

I was scanning through my recent photos from this weekend, and came across some I forgot to post. Every Friday morning my old school, Santa Barbara Middle School, had a tradition of waking up at 6:45 in the morning to start your day of with the salty sea and the deep orange sunrise. Those who were brave enough become the polar bears who bathed themselves in the basking sunrise while the waves surpassed their neck lines. I was one of them. Last Friday I decided to relive my adventurous middle school days and see the threshold my body could possibly take. My sister, Ruby, is a polar bear at heart and always craved the frivolous waters. Spencer came as a newbie, but became hooked as he dove into the peaking sunrise and the refreshing sea. My friend, teacher, and dearest soul is the brains behind this madness, John. John lives by the words “seize the day”, and will always keep it true to heart. This is what we did that frosty Friday morning, we seized the day with the sea, sunrise, laughter, goosebumps, sandy toes, hot chocolate, and dreadful seaweed. And to our surprise, at that very time we were racing to the cold waters, Autumn was officially at place. For those who want a refreshing day and a new start to their season, go take a dip in cold water! I have done this in lakes, swamps, creeks, rivers, bath tubs, and the ocean! Here are some photos from my sunrise swim…

Sophie xo



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