The Tall Tale of The Chicken Whisperer

Hey guys, gals, and four legged freaks!

Two posts in one day! I am WordPress deprived. Anyways these photos are the warmest, coziest looking ones yet. Its the best feeling to wake up in the morning and check the coop, and find every color egg perfectly nuzzled in the hay. Maddie is the chicken whisperer, the hens love her! She even has names for each and every one. Biscuit to be her favorite of course. At the begging of this weekend, I went down for a day of tea and thrifting with Maddie and it just so happened that my camera was at my side. Maddie showed me all the secret egg laying spots around the farm. I never really realized that chickens could be so fascinating. The best part of the day though was watching a baby squirel and the hens fight. They were both scared of each other but didn’t seem to want to show it. It was a sight to see!

Anyways enjoy!

Sophie xox


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