The Redwoods are Calling

My travels have just begun!

I am back in shooting mode, and have been inspired by my travels lately. Over Thanksgiving I took the Volvo packed with 4 friends and headed for Big Sur. It was a journey to remember, The most beautiful scenery and enchanting sounds! These photos below are taken in Limekiln of Morgan Benedict. It was such a fun shoot

Sophie xo

There is nothing like standing under a red wood and gazing up towards the sky obscured by its branches.

So tall that the blue is only caught in glimpses through the tree’s numerous branches. Anyone who has stood under one of these trees will understand.

To feel so insignificant compared to this ancient majestic tree. They seem so old and wise.

Its like they are protecting the earth with their branches like a shield and holding all of her secrets safe within their bark.

In a forest of red woods there is a certain stillness, as if the trees and the earth are holding their breath.

Time is paused and there is only a gurgle of a stream in the distance and, a bird calling to its mate, and the rays of sunlight dripping in patterns towards the moss covered ground.

To stand there, beneath those magnificent and ancient protectors of the earth, is something that only a person who has stood in a red wood forest can relate to.

And for that, I am lucky. “

~ The lovely Morgan Benedict


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