225 Miles North bound…

Alas! My never ending itch to start traveling has begun.

As a 17 year old with a cluttered mind and the never ending obligations your forced to fulfill, I believe that to really appreciate your home and where you live is to leave the warm nest and journey to undiscovered places. This has always been my long term dream, to travel and seek new findings. My motivation is to unlatch this undying fear of the unknown and to except it and find the  beauty of new feelings that surface within my discoveries. My stuggles in life have transformed into inspiration to venture to the rugged places in the world and document with my lens my travels.

The dreaded 225 mile drive away from my “safe” place was worth every nail biter. I seem to fear the future and expect the worst, as for this trip, lose control (as in get car sick and vomit). The anxiety thats spurs through every winding switchback is something I dread, but the more I accept these feelings the more I can embrace my fears! But as of what I have learned from my travels is that not matter what there is a light at the end of each tunnel, tube, or canyon whatever you may call it. From emerging out of the Channel Islands dark caves, or biking through a lightning storm, or repelling off Mt. Whitney, I have made it through the hard times. I apologize for my long incentive motivational talk, but my journey to Big Sur was a trip to remember!

As for the actual trip, it was dreamy. The 4 of us camped in Limekiln in a hidden canyon of red woods right on a stream. about half a mile up the canyon was a 100 ft waterfall trickling off moss. about a 1/4 of a mile in the opposite direction was a beach cove with the most magical sunsets. We ate like kings let me tell you that!


More photos below!




8 thoughts on “225 Miles North bound…”

  1. I can so relate to your travel anxiety – I have it too. I love a road trip, but only if the weather is good. My anxiety is tied to the weather – don’t like to travel in rain, don’t see the point. I’m all for stopping and smelling the roses while the weather does its thing and getting on the road when the coast is clear. The destination is the reward. I’m happy wherever I am, it’s just stressful to me in the getting there 🙂 For you, your photos are the part of the reward for braving your fears!

  2. just camped at this site last week! that waterfall looks amazing, made it to a waterfall, but not that one. fun to see the perspective of someone else at the same place!

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