Whimsical Warm-Blooded Beings

IMG_6156 copy

The new year has had a rumbling start, full of tears, laughter, and creativity! My creativity with a camera in had has yet to come out of hibernation though. If I’m not snapping away at a whimsical story, I am mixing and tasting heart healthy recipes. My cravings of long sunday afternoons with miscellaneous ingredients scattered about on the worn table top is what I admire the most. Families and friends who follow my visual updates and stories come to me in hopes of their own personal remake. I love being put to the task to create a wanderlust story out of two warm blooded creatures seeking adventures and the comfort of one another. Just this past Sunday I was fortunate to create a symphony with colors and patterns with two kind souls, Emalani and Harrison. Emalani has this gleaming ora about her that is angelic and melodious, and as for Harry he is hush and tranquil but hidden with in he is creating musical notes to a masterpiece. These two growing individuals are intertwined with one another soaring on a long journey through what life brings about. They share a love for music and passion for the arts. These photographs were Kinfolk/The Roots blog inspired with a western twist. From a rustic old chop to vibrant blankets and running hens, the warmth of Emalani and Harry is raw and real.

See the rest below!!


IMG_6170 copy

IMG_6227 copy

IMG_6258 copy

IMG_6292 copy

IMG_6324 copy

IMG_6432 copy

IMG_6474 copy

3 thoughts on “Whimsical Warm-Blooded Beings”

  1. wow, honestly, i want to know you!! your photographs are amazing, as a fellow artiste i am not jealous or wish ill upon you but i am sooo supportive, keep it up!! i hope i can get where you are soon!

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