For me color is a type of lifestyle, it unites all cultures and enhances natural beauty. Wherever my travels take me I seem to always be attracted by the vibrant beads and neon omens. I realize the more I travel and the farther I go, there is still a link to all these places and that is color. Imagine only seeing in black and white and how mysterious it may be, whereas color you feel emotions. That being said I try to inquire color wherever I wonder. Mother earths elements, the purist colors, always attract my eye.

A few weeks ago I ventured up the coast to an amazing oasis and created a story out of the colors in my closet. An amazing swimsuit designer, So De Mel, let me use some of her unique suits for the shoot. This aqua blue suit is a work of art, and flowed so beautifully on Zola.














IMG_9692 copy

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