As I sat in a tented camp in Kenya, Africa I realized I was brought on this earth to travel and discover the world around me. I still honored the fact that I was a deer in headlights as I set out to explore new territories, being exposed to different cultures and adapting to their ways.

In present day, I feel a long journey of exploration stirring in my veins. I have a passion to study art and photography, traveling from country to country, coffee shop to coffee shop and meeting people along the way. My aspirations are endless as I take in the beauty of this flourishing world. As I sit studying in school, all I can think about is what imprint I am going to make on this earth and how it is going to affect my growing future. Submersed in the soil of mother nature and the wallowing waves, I am rooted and growing as a strong individual. The small town I come from is my feeding ground for ideas and inspirations that give me incentives to seek new environment!


2 thoughts on “Growth.”

  1. Wow, this is beautifully written. I feel like I am in the same position as you now – young and dreaming of traveling the world. You’ve literally written what’s in my head! 🙂

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