Torchlight Jewelry

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Good morning!

Last month I collaborated with the Torchlight Jewelry team and photographed a story for their new Sundance Collection! I was in charge or everything from styling to locations and really loved how everything flowed. These two beautiful ladies in the photos are friends that played with me in front of the camera for a day ๐Ÿ™‚ We shot at this amazing property in the hills of Santa Barbara, a very rustic farm like style. Paige Berse who is a local talented makeup and hair artist was on set all day helping and working her magic! I am all about creating a story with my images and hope you get a little sense of what my vision was in these photos!

Thank you Stone Cold Fox, Forloveandlemons, and Bonita for all the styling!



Chanelle+Luisa -303-Edit-2Chanelle+Luisa -333-EditTorchlight -122-121-EditTorchlight -117-116-EditTorchlight -139-138-Edit Torchlight -154-EditTorchlight -68-2-EditChanelle+Luisa -218-Edit



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