Through fields of lupins with grazing sheep to volcanic craters oozing with hot springs, I can say I have made it to Iceland. They once said vikings roamed this desolate land but all thats left is the vast green platos that the rasta sheep now eat. From tent to town we traveled the circumference of the island starting form Reykjavik. Cattails and dandelions grew wildly about the ever-changing terrain.

I have never seen such confused landscape, we went from tall grassy plains with lupins to the volcanic craters capped with memory foam moss. It was like we went from Montanas little house on the prairie to the moons dusty foreground. Sweeping over the virgin volcanic pathways. There was something so desolate yet aboundant about this place. We traveled as a tribe, one, covering miles and exploring the beauty it brought. Through the span of 15 days we set out to explore the island.



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