Into The Wild

A journey from my inner psyche into the wild!


“you were wild once. Don’t let them tame you”

Frail, timid, afraid of my vast future, I heard her call but I wasn’t ready to listen. My heart at a gallop and my feet at a standstill, I was a gazelle stuck in danger. What did my future hold and why all of a sudden did these overwhelming sensations arise in me?
Shhhh she whispered, come close to me, I have called and now it’s time to listen.” Dear one, you have been away from me for far to long and you are longing to come back. Rest your thoughts to me and do nothing at all, just be.

Eyes closed, I curled into her best, damp, alive, and warm! My feet began to pulse from her presence and I began to sing! I listened l, my ear nestled to her warmth. I felt alive, my heart beat in sync with the rhythm of her beat.

“Wwwishhh, hoo hoooo, patt patttt, shhhh, cluck cluck, kooooweeee!”Were her hidden calls all around me.

Back on my feet I began to spin, to spin so fast I began to unravel my past for only present existed! Her beat shot through my feet and I took off running. The dew of her morning kisses tickles my soles. I had no intention of stopping. Mother Nature I am here.

Thank you for your call, I am wild once again!

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