What It Feels Like to Be in Front of The Camera as a Photographer


Never did I think this whole modeling thing would take off and I would be where I am now, in the epicenter of creativity. I have always been a floater, going in with each wave and out with another, just as one opportunity opens I’m off to another continent to explore.

What keeps me sane and grounded they ask? Ahhhh…thats the question I love! Its about finding what drives your imagination wild and continues into your dreams at night, and for me that is my lust for traveling and passion for photography. If I am not creating I feel stagnant and lost, especially in a city like New York where it is easy to swallow you up. What makes you passionate? Now follow that path till eternity and enjoy the bliss!

I chose to give modeling a go because A) Ive never really fully committed myself to it  B) What better way to expose myself to the world of photography and C) TRAVEL!

When I walk on set, I feel as though I’m a hawk watching over every detail that goes on, taking mental notes and picking up on the tips and tricks each photographer does. Its interesting to me to see how each photographer is different and shoots a different way. Today I had a test down in Staten Island with another 19 year old photographer. It was an adventure for me, always with a camera in hand, traveling from place to place with my suitcase. Tests arnt my favorite but I try to make a little story out of it because it usually leads me to beautiful places. Like today, Watching the boats go by on the ferry and examining the harsh lights reflections on the windows of the ferry. Light was abundant today and my camera was quite happy about the amount of times I pressed the button.

I feel as though my brain, when looking into the lens from the models side, is envisioning what the photographer is mentally seeing. Its weird to say but feel as though when having a photographers perspective in front of the lens, I can almost read the photographer behind the lens mind. When I am on set, it is like a classroom for me, It is 4+ hours of technical information to digest. Yes it is mostly updating on the underground music that I’m not aware of, or what new app edits your photo better.

The other day, I was called on set to work with a photographer from Siberia, Russia. It was so interesting to me to see how this photographer in particular communicated on set as well as how he interacted with his camera. We were all lost in translation, but I had so much patience for some reason! I could feel and understand what he was envisioning but it was hard for him to communicate. If I hadn’t been in other situations like this, I would have lost it and felt like he was angry with me, but as two artists I could relate to what he was feeling and for that I am thankful.

Each day is a process but WOW am I learning so much from this journey!

(Below is one of the first photos I had ever taken!)





Through fields of lupins with grazing sheep to volcanic craters oozing with hot springs, I can say I have made it to Iceland. They once said vikings roamed this desolate land but all thats left is the vast green platos that the rasta sheep now eat. From tent to town we traveled the circumference of the island starting form Reykjavik. Cattails and dandelions grew wildly about the ever-changing terrain.

I have never seen such confused landscape, we went from tall grassy plains with lupins to the volcanic craters capped with memory foam moss. It was like we went from Montanas little house on the prairie to the moons dusty foreground. Sweeping over the virgin volcanic pathways. There was something so desolate yet aboundant about this place. We traveled as a tribe, one, covering miles and exploring the beauty it brought. Through the span of 15 days we set out to explore the island.



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My Ever Growing Scrapbook


Photography ignites my fire, uniting all as one and capturing timeless moments. I have a thriving passion to explore new territory and seek the unknown through my lens and other various endeavors. Where to next? Whats my path that lies ahead? I want to inspire those around me and capture the raw life that intertwines with my footsteps. Submersed in the soil of mother nature, I am rooted and growing as a strong individual. The small town I come from is my feeding ground for ideas and inspirations that give me incentives to seek new environment!

~excerpt from my ever growing journal



Torchlight Jewelry

Torchlight -40-39-Edit-Edit

Good morning!

Last month I collaborated with the Torchlight Jewelry team and photographed a story for their new Sundance Collection! I was in charge or everything from styling to locations and really loved how everything flowed. These two beautiful ladies in the photos are friends that played with me in front of the camera for a day 🙂 We shot at this amazing property in the hills of Santa Barbara, a very rustic farm like style. Paige Berse who is a local talented makeup and hair artist was on set all day helping and working her magic! I am all about creating a story with my images and hope you get a little sense of what my vision was in these photos!

Thank you Stone Cold Fox, Forloveandlemons, and Bonita for all the styling!



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Folk Steady


Folk Steady: a gathering of artists and vibrant souls that come to picnic in the ojai sun, swaying to the folky sounds of the banjo.




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Viva La


From a tahitian hut to a spanish adobe home, and open lit hallway we had a full packed day of creating. A good friend, Alex, modeled for a jewelry designer, Heather Wright,  that hired me to photograph her new line. My mind sees things in colors and textures! Here are some photos below!





Life on Mars



This series of photographs was from an aged roll of film in my holga. I love the look the film grain gives, but especially the color and character it adds. This was the day I went to scout for my big fashion shoot in the dunes, and fooled around will my camera gadgets! I thought this role was worth nothing, but to my surprise Velvet Dust Magazine picked it up and used it in this months issue online! Super excited and happy to be apart of the team 🙂


untitled-4 untitled-5 untitled-6 untitled