Some Sweet Soul Soothing Love!


Just for a moment let go.

Understand that you are one sacred piece in this giant puzzle that keeps evolving.

So unique and exquisitely different but here on this earth with your gifts to give.

As this year flows into the next watch your inner gifts ignite.

Be willing to allow everything that is and honor your beautiful being for being this vessel of love.

Be gentle with one another and allow yourself to be with what is.

Hold tight to your inner light and may this guide you.

~Some sweet soul southing love~

~ BATHE…submerse yourself in a warm bath with candles and essential oils (rose,lavender, pine, jasmine, frankincense…) Focus on your sensations, the warmth of the water, the smell of the oil, the touch of crystals scattered around, and the length of your breath. Allow your self to melt into this juicy experience.

~ GET COZY…curl up next to the fire with your loved ones and sip on some herbal tea. Rose ┬ápetals help to warm your heart space and gift you the connection to your inner love. Theres something so primitive and magical about starting up your little wood fire and entrancing yourself to the warmth of the flames. Meditate on the gift that fire brings. Fire brings new life and nurtures our sprouts waiting to pop up. She is powerful!

~ COOK… some sweet treats and experiment with new recipes. Lately, I have been finding so much joy in creating in the kitchen. From playing with herbs, infusing syrups, or baking ┬ádelicious treats, I have discovered the magicalness in the art or cooking! So get out your tastebuds and craft some magic!

~ GROUND DOWN…lay on the earth and breath deep into your heart and your belly, imagine yourself rooting down feeling grounded. When the stimulation of the world gets to intense, connect with the earth! She is always here to nurture and cradle your soul. Close your eyes, or keep them open and be aware of her little blessings all around.

~ READ and get inspired from other light beamers who have journeyed in their unique way and have their messages to share.

Woman Who Run With Wolves By: Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Hygieia By Jeannine Parvarti Baker

Being Of The Sun By Alicia Bay Laurel

Anastasia By Vladimir Megre

Steering By Starlight By Martha Beck

A few of my favourite at the moment..

~ DANCE… and awaken your inner being that hibernates often, wiggle and giggle! Don’t be afraid to get wild and move through that energy in your being that needs releasing!

~ WRITE… your stories and inner intuition, creatively journal them and when need be share with other to inspire them!

I hope that these little bits of my practice finds those inspiring to expand more from within! Enjoy!

The World That Lies Beneath

Hey long lost blogging buddies!

I have been out and about lately! I am sorry I have not updated in a while, but yesterday was a whole new experience that I had to blog about. I have been scratching to shoot underwater lately and just the other day I found a miracle. To my surprise someone was selling a 50D and there water housing here in Santa Barbara. I sent him a quick email wondering if I could rent his gear for a couple hours. He emailed back in a jiffy and was delighted to do so. So as I always do, very last minute, found some models and took on this big scary task. My two lovely models for this set up was Eliot Hodges, and Zola Phillips. It was so graceful and very fantasy like.

Enjoy xo

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Charlotte Y Chante


Above is a true beautiful Visage! 15 year old Charlotte is a rare soul that lives her life to the fullest. As she frolics in vibrant silk and aztec jewelry, her ora shines amongst those around her. She travels to miraculous places, always discovering and seeking new adventures. Earlier today, I met Charlotte for a shoot and not knowing where this shoot would take place, or what to expect, I came home with amazing pictures. The shoot felt like I flew to Morocco and back in only an hour! As I usually do, I styled her in clothes that I thought would go well with a boho theme. It consisted of a long turquoise coverup and a vibrant orange dress. I mustered together some jewelry I found around the house and some fun props! As we started shooting, another gorgeous girl named Chante appeared. Right away I wanted to shoot them both, and so I did… Here is my story of Charlotte and Chante!


Sophie xoxo

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