Rhythms and Cycles



October 17.

Days keep flying by here on the land. It has been two weeks and I don’t know where the days have gone. I feel my chrysalis cracking open as I’m slowly emerging into a new layer of myself. Mornings are becoming lighter and lighter and I feel myself dancing with my dreams peacefully thru the night. Spring in October, such a foreign feeling.

To begin again, thats where I start. Knowing every moment becomes a memory and teaches my spirit something without even knowing. Freely feeling in my present body, such a gift I am given and blessed since birth. This feeling I had only discovered until now. As I had mistaken this journey as the “waiting game” I am coming to realize my journey is here now, I’m consciously weaving my inner web and expanding the outer. I feel and how grateful I am to feel! The dew beneath my feet and the wind as it sweeps my skin I am alive with sensation. This path that I am paving with so much uncertainty and knowing is what I live for. I dream to inspire and create a tribe with others who are on this journey of self discovery and growth for the whole, using creativity and the divine as our mantras. I dream of the days to come and to continue growing and evolving with love!

My Ever Growing Scrapbook


Photography ignites my fire, uniting all as one and capturing timeless moments. I have a thriving passion to explore new territory and seek the unknown through my lens and other various endeavors. Where to next? Whats my path that lies ahead? I want to inspire those around me and capture the raw life that intertwines with my footsteps. Submersed in the soil of mother nature, I am rooted and growing as a strong individual. The small town I come from is my feeding ground for ideas and inspirations that give me incentives to seek new environment!

~excerpt from my ever growing journal



The Gathering

The gathering


~We watch the sunset and the moonrise together, set the table and light the candles. A community that gathers for the enjoyment of the golden hour, laughing and sharing each others gifts. Ukeleles and flowers dangling from your hair is a must at this gathering. Submerse your feet in the bare earth below as you play and twirl in the crisp evening air, not afraid of dusting your hat or ripping your fairy dress. Each soul contributes to bringing something to the table, all handmade and of course organic!

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Hot Spring Sanctuary



What I love about mother nature is that she has many hidden oasis’s. Some as cold as the arctic and some as steamy as these hot springs. Hot springs and water holes have always been my go too! I love the peacefulness it brings me after soaking hours in natures bath tubs. This hot spring in particular, was cobalt blue and as hot as boiled tea! All around these little pools wild celery grew abundantly! Enjoy a little story I put together of myself enjoying the pools!

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Garden Of Eden

IMG_1525 copy copy

Friday the 13,

Theres nothing like submersing your self in homegrown veggies and animal love. This afternoon I spent the day planting and frolicking around the garden clicking away at my camera. Our chickens ran loose and we discovered many hungry caterpillars!

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For me color is a type of lifestyle, it unites all cultures and enhances natural beauty. Wherever my travels take me I seem to always be attracted by the vibrant beads and neon omens. I realize the more I travel and the farther I go, there is still a link to all these places and that is color. Imagine only seeing in black and white and how mysterious it may be, whereas color you feel emotions. That being said I try to inquire color wherever I wonder. Mother earths elements, the purist colors, always attract my eye.

A few weeks ago I ventured up the coast to an amazing oasis and created a story out of the colors in my closet. An amazing swimsuit designer, So De Mel, let me use some of her unique suits for the shoot. This aqua blue suit is a work of art, and flowed so beautifully on Zola.

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Nojoqui Falls


Raw beauty is what attracts my eye, heres a series of B&W photos of Zola up at Nojoqui falls.

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