My Journey to Meet My Plant Ally!

My journey to meet my plant Ally!


Yesterday afternoon, I hibernated in the tent and created. I studied, wrote, and meditated as the rain patted above me. I was so excited about this visual journey to meet my plant friend who I will dive deep with in the next weeks!
As I listened to the guided meditation, I began to fill my being with a swirling golden light. I felt an excitement. An excitement to meet my new friend. A white portal to the upper realm is where I ascended. Growing wings and flying! Through the mist I arrived to an old growth redwood forest. These giant beings towering over me. Like fire flies these little beings allured me their way. Flashing and twirling amongst this damp forest floor. A flowing stream intertwined these beings feeding them with liquid life. These little spirits seem foreign to me let alone growing in the wrong climate. Well twirling there purple star faces they called to me and warmed my being with a sense of courage and magic……Beautiful Borage was who they introduced.

Borage is a beautiful friend to call upon to help radiate your sense of inner courage, and connect you to your physic abilities! Her beautiful star face helps ease your vulnerability and anxious tendencies. She nourishes your brain and body with fatty acids, iron, and anti-inflammatory properties.


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