When I am in the state of creating I am in harmony with all. Its as if I don’t pay attention to the time, which is why I am always late, and my brain is constantly visualizing about what is “next”. What I truly love is being in an environment with a heartbeat and a hunger for art, cooking, love, and creating. Visualize yourself getting up in the morning and set an intention, it could be small or a large dream your constantly manifesting. What drives you? Sets your mojo into motion? I am still figuring mine out day by day but ohhhhhh its beautiful to not know your tomorrow and suddenly discover something new your have never tried or seen.

I know for a fact that I will not be living in the city my whole life but will be somewhere nestled in the mountains, deep in a jungle, or floating out at sea! On this beautiful sacred land I will have my many farm animals I dream of, where they can roam free with the sun flowers and buzzing bees. Each day will be an egg hunt as I go out looking for the colorful eggs my hens lay. My art studio will be high up in a tree house where I can look over my space and be in the light to create. Ahh yes and a beautiful geo dome where you can meditate and star gaze at night! This dream of mine pulls me closer to the earth and gets me excited. All these different thoughts have manifested in my mind over the year and am slowly creating a big vision for my future! Crazy as it sounds I want to live simply.

Yes, photography will be my day to day practice, but I am growing a liking for everyday photography. I am definitely not limiting myself, but have fallen more in love with lately the art of telling stories with photographs. Whether its a cold snowy day and your bundled up drinking tea by the fire, or creating a concoction of some beautiful raw tart I envision documenting these little moments with my camera. What next? I have no Idea and I kind of like it that way but am also completely scared.

Travel Travel Travel is on my mind! Its hard to stay in this city for long but I know its good for me right now. Im spreading my tentacles and growing my seeds. 🙂


Garden Of Eden

IMG_1525 copy copy

Friday the 13,

Theres nothing like submersing your self in homegrown veggies and animal love. This afternoon I spent the day planting and frolicking around the garden clicking away at my camera. Our chickens ran loose and we discovered many hungry caterpillars!

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Nojoqui Falls


Raw beauty is what attracts my eye, heres a series of B&W photos of Zola up at Nojoqui falls.

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Golden Hour


Golden hour- (the time between the long days daylight and evenings dark presence/ the time when the Gypsies come out to dance) 

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For Him.

Sophie Haber Photography

Happy St Valentine to my love,

Im not too fond of valentines day, but do enjoy the fact of giving homemade goodies and extra kisses.

It started on the sea,

so naive as you lay beside me, lost in unattainable thoughts.

An aroma of musky salt stained bodies and warm summer drafts dissipate.

Days, weeks, months, years spent indulging in each others essence.

Through creativity and discovery

Warm and comforted by your being.

Wherever this journey takes us,

the road will always be our home,

from the sea to the peaks and various coffee shops.

I love you,


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Whimsical Warm-Blooded Beings

IMG_6156 copy

The new year has had a rumbling start, full of tears, laughter, and creativity! My creativity with a camera in had has yet to come out of hibernation though. If I’m not snapping away at a whimsical story, I am mixing and tasting heart healthy recipes. My cravings of long sunday afternoons with miscellaneous ingredients scattered about on the worn table top is what I admire the most. Families and friends who follow my visual updates and stories come to me in hopes of their own personal remake. I love being put to the task to create a wanderlust story out of two warm blooded creatures seeking adventures and the comfort of one another. Just this past Sunday I was fortunate to create a symphony with colors and patterns with two kind souls, Emalani and Harrison. Emalani has this gleaming ora about her that is angelic and melodious, and as for Harry he is hush and tranquil but hidden with in he is creating musical notes to a masterpiece. These two growing individuals are intertwined with one another soaring on a long journey through what life brings about. They share a love for music and passion for the arts. These photographs were Kinfolk/The Roots blog inspired with a western twist. From a rustic old chop to vibrant blankets and running hens, the warmth of Emalani and Harry is raw and real.

See the rest below!!


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225 Miles North bound…

Alas! My never ending itch to start traveling has begun.

As a 17 year old with a cluttered mind and the never ending obligations your forced to fulfill, I believe that to really appreciate your home and where you live is to leave the warm nest and journey to undiscovered places. This has always been my long term dream, to travel and seek new findings. My motivation is to unlatch this undying fear of the unknown and to except it and find the  beauty of new feelings that surface within my discoveries. My stuggles in life have transformed into inspiration to venture to the rugged places in the world and document with my lens my travels.

The dreaded 225 mile drive away from my “safe” place was worth every nail biter. I seem to fear the future and expect the worst, as for this trip, lose control (as in get car sick and vomit). The anxiety thats spurs through every winding switchback is something I dread, but the more I accept these feelings the more I can embrace my fears! But as of what I have learned from my travels is that not matter what there is a light at the end of each tunnel, tube, or canyon whatever you may call it. From emerging out of the Channel Islands dark caves, or biking through a lightning storm, or repelling off Mt. Whitney, I have made it through the hard times. I apologize for my long incentive motivational talk, but my journey to Big Sur was a trip to remember!

As for the actual trip, it was dreamy. The 4 of us camped in Limekiln in a hidden canyon of red woods right on a stream. about half a mile up the canyon was a 100 ft waterfall trickling off moss. about a 1/4 of a mile in the opposite direction was a beach cove with the most magical sunsets. We ate like kings let me tell you that!


More photos below!

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