To Nest

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I have been back in the hum of things here on the land after a deep hibernation time. The inward and outward dance of spinning with the seasons feels to never end. I went home to visit family and reconnect after my 9 months here in Australia, a time of stillness. It was Winter there but my spirit was still spiralling in the summer air over in Australia.  Mighty Oak trees, Pinon forests, and Yucca elders surrounding me. The smell of the eucalyptus trees and the glimpse of the wattle seed blossoms were engrained in my memory. I was in a constant in-between state. Where was home? At a standstill with my inner rhythm and seeking a deeper connection to community I am eager to root and find my route.

As the moon grew larger our motivation to move into our nest grew fonder. February 11, the full moon rose and we had migrated into our nest tucked beneath the camphor trees. The sounds of the creek as we sleep and the rustling leaves swaying in the wind, I’ve longed to live wild once again. This was a project of love, a cocreation of us all coming together to build our home. 3 months of screws, power tools, sweat, and tears. It does really feel like I gave birth to something and was fully conscious of every step along the way.

The first night we slept wide awake in awe of the orchestra around us. Night creatures out in parade and enjoying the full moon glory. The cicadas hummed and the occasional bats silhouette flew by. Stillness, Illumination, Harmony, Peace. Nature is beautiful and always awaiting us to sit and listen.

The days are growing hotter here in Australia and work around the farm is just beginning. Our Lychee orchard is in full harvest and Eliot has been on the tractor getting ready for our seasons to come! I have only been back a week and life is continuously evolving. My dream to connect with the community and birth my gifts is bubbling deep in my blood.

How do you nest and where might this nest live?

sending love,


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Reflecting, Digesting, and the Rhythms of Within!

After this new moon, I have felt raw and open sometimes a bit to much. Maybe this feeling comes because I had been living up at the Quail Springs community for two weeks learning about Permaculture and the stories from my elders.
6:15 the bells ding and sing, shortly after the roosters call… I wipe my crusty eyelashes and frosty boogers from my face and begin on my way. Just like the cycle of the medicine wheel, I started this unknown quest with a spark of inspiration and curiosity not knowing what the outcome might be. I awoke with the rich, winter sun and started my days meandering through the trickling spring towards the classroom yurt where we spent most our time. “Go and sing to the mountains…Go and sing to the moon..” swooned my ears as I walked towards the kitchen in the canyon and arrived to the chatter of the early birds signing to Elephant Revival and cooking away in the community yurt.  It wasn’t until then I really understood the meaning to simplicity and being grateful for the natural world around me, my ancestors.
 As the medicine wheel continues to spin, so does my cycle within and I began to play and creatively act on my inspirations for community and co creating with the natural world. This part within led me here to Quail Springs, a community in the heart of Quayama Valley, to learn the ways and roots of Permaculture. I am a seed here, beginning to absorb all at my finger tips. From Natural building to studying the patterns in nature it all starts from the curiosity within. I have never loved waking up so early to milk the mama goats!
There is a big part of this cycle that is miss-linked and broken, that is the connection with our ancestors. It is my honoring to connect back with the roots of the earth and help to connect the missed links thru simple steps. So simple as stories! Stories of the earth, for the earth and sharing these historical messages to the modern day messengers! It all starts from caring for the people and caring for the earth.
Feeling grateful and filled with so much inspiration is the purist love I can ask for. I feel as if I am a seed ball coated with so much fertile soil and information, ready to implement them in a land greater than myself! As I started my cycle as a seed, absorbing so many life downloads I grew and gained so many layers to begin rolling into my journey of sharing sacred stories!

Wild Edibles/Craft 
Juniper berries, Willow, Pinon trees, acorn (harvest season), Yerba Santa, Manzanita, Rosehip, cowboy cologne, Sage, Stinging Nettle

My first pine needle basket taught by sweet Chloe Rose!
Chloe and Seinna in Chloes cozy cob home :)
Chloe and Seinna in Chloes cozy cob home 🙂
The goats on their sunset stroll
The goats on their sunset stroll
Matthew Mckinney, one of my friends I met, signing sweet songs from stories!
Matthew Mckinney, one of my friends I met, signing sweet songs from stories!
My Classroom!
My Classroom!
The Medicine Wheel we created the first day we were all together on the land.. right below an ancient piñon tree
The Medicine Wheel we created the first day we were all together on the land.. right below an ancient piñon tree
Learning the ways of the meandering river!
Learning the ways of the meandering river!
a peak at a sweet cob home!
a peak at a sweet cob home!
The wood fired bath!
The wood fired bath!
singing thru the smokey mornings sun rays
singing thru the smokey mornings sun rays

Self Reflecting.


  I was raised by a family full of artists, nestled in a sweet home amongst the Santa Barbara Mountains. Sometimes I call myself a nomadic wander, because I am always in search of something greater than us! I have an ever-growing love for co-creation, community, and collaboration!

         After having finished school, I felt this bursting sensation of freedom and endless amount of possibility, and thats when I really began to travel. From road tripping around Africa, Iceland, Europe, Australia, Mexico, and various other majestic places I have documented what its like to be on the road.

       Being connected to the world of technology, has gratefully so enabled me to connect to like minded artists around the globe! As a photographer, what catches my eyes the most is life at each living moment. The real vignettes of love, travel, and life!

Folk Steady


Folk Steady: a gathering of artists and vibrant souls that come to picnic in the ojai sun, swaying to the folky sounds of the banjo.




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These photos are from a behind the scenes shoot I did with a photographer and his sons. I have known them for a few years now and its so amazing to watch these little dudes grow up and create this free lifestyle. Lou the older brother plays the saxophone and Francis rocks out to his guitar. These boys grow up surfing the Ventura coast and making road rage with their skateboards. Heres a few shots I captured in between shots.

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Garden Of Eden

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Friday the 13,

Theres nothing like submersing your self in homegrown veggies and animal love. This afternoon I spent the day planting and frolicking around the garden clicking away at my camera. Our chickens ran loose and we discovered many hungry caterpillars!

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The Tall Tale of The Chicken Whisperer

Hey guys, gals, and four legged freaks!

Two posts in one day! I am WordPress deprived. Anyways these photos are the warmest, coziest looking ones yet. Its the best feeling to wake up in the morning and check the coop, and find every color egg perfectly nuzzled in the hay. Maddie is the chicken whisperer, the hens love her! She even has names for each and every one. Biscuit to be her favorite of course. At the begging of this weekend, I went down for a day of tea and thrifting with Maddie and it just so happened that my camera was at my side. Maddie showed me all the secret egg laying spots around the farm. I never really realized that chickens could be so fascinating. The best part of the day though was watching a baby squirel and the hens fight. They were both scared of each other but didn’t seem to want to show it. It was a sight to see!

Anyways enjoy!

Sophie xox

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