Tending To The Garden In Need…


Bucket by bucket I pour my love, I tend to the weeds if your soul and await your growth. Like fertile soil you process this journey from amidst the darkness to greet the dawn. Together tending to the garden in need we emerge, reaping gifts we have grown. We forget how important the process is to be beneath, brewing these soon to be abundant gifts. So sow your seeds, let your inner water fall to feed the dry soil and give thanks to this garden you’ve received.

Yesterday, a whole quarter of the moon came to light. To think on the morning of the new moon I walked and drummed my prayers into the earth with my sisters. Each foot print planting my new seeds for this lunar cycle, this seasons cycle, this life cycle. Watching my seeds come to fruition and blooming sweet fertile blossoms, I have some tending to do. Everything that has been in the way of these micro growing seeds, this prayer engrained in Mother Earth has birthed, has pushed me to change, to connect, to compost what’s no longer needed. Weeds will grow and the garden needs tending, inner and outer mending so these seeds I once sowed will connect me to the direction I must go!

First quarter moon energy: growth, maiden, spring, fertility, connection… Has your new moon intention, or this new cycles prayer come out to take hold and enliven itself? Are there some weeds in the way that may need “thinning”?




As the full moon of April arises, transformation takes a turn and manifests a deeper self discovery that grounds my restless feet. Swaying with the beauty of seasons and the ever changing elements that mother nature has blessed our earth with, I give thanks to her abundance. As I become more aware and give love to my present surroundings, I feel my soul resinate. I have created a symbiotic relationship with her and all the sensations that amplify my sensitivity.

As I watch my mountains shed its winter layer and metamorphous into the colors of Spring, my feelings are ever-changing as well. It is a test of acceptance and to acknowledge this new energy that is arising. This month I feel my imagination running wild, full of new creations and collaborations. April is a time of clearing and acknowledging the old but creating space for the new to settle. Bring forth all the uprising emotions that are buried within and let go. Write, draw, dance, dream, create what inspires your inner goddess. La Luna, you are unique this month. Your murky white is hidden under a red layer, reviling a solar eclipse. I wonder will the wolves be howling at you, will the tides be turned, will the night owls be sleeping, or will my seeds be sprouting? I feel unsettled and uncertain inside, but excited for what is to come. Tonight, howl out your uncertainties and welcome your intuitions!


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Augustine and The Yellow Rowboat

Happy Friday!

Today in particular is a day I would love to be spending at sea! It is 80 degrees out and the sun is beaming! I was rummaging through some of my old photos and came ac   ross a voyage I almost had forgotten, my trip to the islands. During my midddle school years my classmates and I took a journey out to our local islands. We had a crew of savvy sailors and intelligent sea men, one being the one and only Mike Degruy! Mike knew almost everything  about the sea, well practically everything…He even knew how to survive at the deepest parts of the ocean floor :o! Below is a story I made up about a boy who lived at sea:

Augustine and the Yellow Rowboat

The Island Boy lived on each island, Santa Cruz, San Miguel, and Santa Rosa. He owned a yellow rowboat that he used to explore what he called la mystere. He discovered sea caves never seen before with his yellow rowboat. The tides where ever changing and the winds where never still. Augustine lived alone with the pinnipeds and the island foxes, and fourteen years he walked and rowed alone around his home filled with his ever-changing sequences.

Augustine was tall with long legs that were able to jump over large rocks easily. His hands were tarnished with calluses from rowing from each island, and his eyes were the deepest blue. The boy’s feet had fresh tar from his morning clam gatherings, that were never-ending because every clam Augustine picked, it tore a callus. Even though the boy was lonely, he was still young and full of curiosity. The Island brought new creatures that welcomed Augustine and shared their way of living on the Island. All the animals had helped the boy survive his years on the island, whether they were protecting him, providing him with food, or keeping him company.

It all began when Augustine had first set off in his rowboat from Santa Barbara to explore the deep, and then ended when the storm had hit his wooden oars. The boy traveled for weeks alone with his compass in hand and his determination manifesting in his bones. It never came into mind that the boy might be stuck in rugged waters alone. Augustine’s mouth was parched for days and the salt had crusted on brow. Lost and confused, the boy drifted into a deep sleep. As the boy slept throughout the night, stars formed a path towards the right direction, land. The dreams never left Augustine, especially when he was on the sea. Dreams weren’t comforting at his time on the ocean, and were always nightmares.

As waves awoke the boy from his sleep, he was senseless. He could not see a thing, but smelled fermented animals, and heard the seals. Heaven was never what he thought it was, and light seemed miles away. Paddling in the direction that Augustine had thought to be the right direction towards light, was the opposite. Water had spit into his boat and filled it to the rim. Gasping for air as he wailed his arms for safety, a seal had emerged from the water ahead. Could it be that the boy was in a mouth of an animal? Soon the boy saw a glimpse of life, light! Augustine paddled for his life to enter life again.

The “mouth” had spit Augustine, boat and all, out into the sea again. All his senses were awake now, and realized he was in a sea cave. For about an hour life seemed like death and sorrow, but coming out of it, seemed happy and bright for once. Suddenly all his nightmares were gone and his mind was filled with happiness.

The story of Augustine and his yellow rowboat went on for seventy-four days and ended with the feeling of accomplishment.

Sophie xoxo

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