To Nest

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I have been back in the hum of things here on the land after a deep hibernation time. The inward and outward dance of spinning with the seasons feels to never end. I went home to visit family and reconnect after my 9 months here in Australia, a time of stillness. It was Winter there but my spirit was still spiralling in the summer air over in Australia.  Mighty Oak trees, Pinon forests, and Yucca elders surrounding me. The smell of the eucalyptus trees and the glimpse of the wattle seed blossoms were engrained in my memory. I was in a constant in-between state. Where was home? At a standstill with my inner rhythm and seeking a deeper connection to community I am eager to root and find my route.

As the moon grew larger our motivation to move into our nest grew fonder. February 11, the full moon rose and we had migrated into our nest tucked beneath the camphor trees. The sounds of the creek as we sleep and the rustling leaves swaying in the wind, I’ve longed to live wild once again. This was a project of love, a cocreation of us all coming together to build our home. 3 months of screws, power tools, sweat, and tears. It does really feel like I gave birth to something and was fully conscious of every step along the way.

The first night we slept wide awake in awe of the orchestra around us. Night creatures out in parade and enjoying the full moon glory. The cicadas hummed and the occasional bats silhouette flew by. Stillness, Illumination, Harmony, Peace. Nature is beautiful and always awaiting us to sit and listen.

The days are growing hotter here in Australia and work around the farm is just beginning. Our Lychee orchard is in full harvest and Eliot has been on the tractor getting ready for our seasons to come! I have only been back a week and life is continuously evolving. My dream to connect with the community and birth my gifts is bubbling deep in my blood.

How do you nest and where might this nest live?

sending love,


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I am so honored to have my first Editorial published! Not only do they promote my photography, but my way of life and my thoughts. Through my travels and my many blog postings, I have watched my cyber community grow and I hope to inspire many! Stay tuned for more photos from my recent travels to Paris 🙂

Thank you Santa Barbara Magazine!




As I sat in a tented camp in Kenya, Africa I realized I was brought on this earth to travel and discover the world around me. I still honored the fact that I was a deer in headlights as I set out to explore new territories, being exposed to different cultures and adapting to their ways.

In present day, I feel a long journey of exploration stirring in my veins. I have a passion to study art and photography, traveling from country to country, coffee shop to coffee shop and meeting people along the way. My aspirations are endless as I take in the beauty of this flourishing world. As I sit studying in school, all I can think about is what imprint I am going to make on this earth and how it is going to affect my growing future. Submersed in the soil of mother nature and the wallowing waves, I am rooted and growing as a strong individual. The small town I come from is my feeding ground for ideas and inspirations that give me incentives to seek new environment!





For me color is a type of lifestyle, it unites all cultures and enhances natural beauty. Wherever my travels take me I seem to always be attracted by the vibrant beads and neon omens. I realize the more I travel and the farther I go, there is still a link to all these places and that is color. Imagine only seeing in black and white and how mysterious it may be, whereas color you feel emotions. That being said I try to inquire color wherever I wonder. Mother earths elements, the purist colors, always attract my eye.

A few weeks ago I ventured up the coast to an amazing oasis and created a story out of the colors in my closet. An amazing swimsuit designer, So De Mel, let me use some of her unique suits for the shoot. This aqua blue suit is a work of art, and flowed so beautifully on Zola.

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Golden Hour


Golden hour- (the time between the long days daylight and evenings dark presence/ the time when the Gypsies come out to dance) 

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For Him.

Sophie Haber Photography

Happy St Valentine to my love,

Im not too fond of valentines day, but do enjoy the fact of giving homemade goodies and extra kisses.

It started on the sea,

so naive as you lay beside me, lost in unattainable thoughts.

An aroma of musky salt stained bodies and warm summer drafts dissipate.

Days, weeks, months, years spent indulging in each others essence.

Through creativity and discovery

Warm and comforted by your being.

Wherever this journey takes us,

the road will always be our home,

from the sea to the peaks and various coffee shops.

I love you,


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Whimsical Warm-Blooded Beings

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The new year has had a rumbling start, full of tears, laughter, and creativity! My creativity with a camera in had has yet to come out of hibernation though. If I’m not snapping away at a whimsical story, I am mixing and tasting heart healthy recipes. My cravings of long sunday afternoons with miscellaneous ingredients scattered about on the worn table top is what I admire the most. Families and friends who follow my visual updates and stories come to me in hopes of their own personal remake. I love being put to the task to create a wanderlust story out of two warm blooded creatures seeking adventures and the comfort of one another. Just this past Sunday I was fortunate to create a symphony with colors and patterns with two kind souls, Emalani and Harrison. Emalani has this gleaming ora about her that is angelic and melodious, and as for Harry he is hush and tranquil but hidden with in he is creating musical notes to a masterpiece. These two growing individuals are intertwined with one another soaring on a long journey through what life brings about. They share a love for music and passion for the arts. These photographs were Kinfolk/The Roots blog inspired with a western twist. From a rustic old chop to vibrant blankets and running hens, the warmth of Emalani and Harry is raw and real.

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