Samhain Offerings (Remembering & Reconnecting)


Honouring change, the time just after the Harvest season and the dawn of Winter. Samhain, Halloween, a Celtic festival where we honour the dead and connect with our ancestors and spirits. May 1st, the Day when the veils of the other worlds are the thinnest and our intuition and remembrance are at the for front. Remembering and reconnecting with that part of our lost selves. A time to reflect on our season of harvest, what came to fruition and bared fruit? What sacred seeds will you bring into this new season of hibernation and contemplation? Winter is slowly upon us here in the Southern Hemisphere and I am sitting in the void of what is, what has been, and what is being seeded.

Ritual roots our vast beings and connects us closer to our communal intentions. So today on this day of honouring and remembrance I honour the young maiden I once was, I greet the mother of all births I am becoming,  I call to the maga and crone to bare gifts of insight and deep knowing.

A passage from my journal “Seeds Of Remembrance”

She journeyed far for this feeling. Something engrained deep within drew her to the very place she is. This dance in the in between but seeking a place to land. A dream once dreamt and a vision so vast, her calling pulling her soul for a dance. So young her maiden vessel but how ancient her soul had become. Living in a world of parallel universes, always dreaming of what is to come and longing to travel to far away lands.

Which route truly resonated to her souls calling? Hidden and enclosed to the powerful force of the outside world she became curious. She was born into the wolf pack and initiated as the leader. But soon after her calling grew stronger, it was time to leave the pack.
Now turning to a life led by curiosity and her seeds of remembrance, she is able to journey outside of her boundaries. Like a gift from the goddess grotto she is now able to drum to the earths heart beat. This art of flight opened the unseen within. As she stepped into her radiant orb, she was swept off her feet only to be led by trust. Months go by and a new sensation grew stemming from the soles of her feet. Roots had begun to penetrate out from beneath her and her sense of home pulled at her wild soul. An unfamiliar feeling began to grow and she new it was time to land. Seeds need soil in order to grow and so it was she did too. A new place to begin that stemmed deep from within, she is following her calling and gathering her new wolves in.

May this post offer wisdom and insight to accessing your sacred seeds within and celebrate this beautiful day of entering a new season!




As the full moon of April arises, transformation takes a turn and manifests a deeper self discovery that grounds my restless feet. Swaying with the beauty of seasons and the ever changing elements that mother nature has blessed our earth with, I give thanks to her abundance. As I become more aware and give love to my present surroundings, I feel my soul resinate. I have created a symbiotic relationship with her and all the sensations that amplify my sensitivity.

As I watch my mountains shed its winter layer and metamorphous into the colors of Spring, my feelings are ever-changing as well. It is a test of acceptance and to acknowledge this new energy that is arising. This month I feel my imagination running wild, full of new creations and collaborations. April is a time of clearing and acknowledging the old but creating space for the new to settle. Bring forth all the uprising emotions that are buried within and let go. Write, draw, dance, dream, create what inspires your inner goddess. La Luna, you are unique this month. Your murky white is hidden under a red layer, reviling a solar eclipse. I wonder will the wolves be howling at you, will the tides be turned, will the night owls be sleeping, or will my seeds be sprouting? I feel unsettled and uncertain inside, but excited for what is to come. Tonight, howl out your uncertainties and welcome your intuitions!


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